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Wordpress SEO

WordPress has made it incredibly easy to build websites. As a leading CMS, WordPress allows marketers to create, manage, and publish SEO-friendly content. However, just having a WordPress website isn’t guaranteed to get page one results. Getting the best features, themes, and plugins alone won’t magically boost the website traffic and rankings. Therefore, WordPress websites are no exception and require a potent SEO strategy.

This blog will cover the suggested ways one should consider while building an SEO strategy for a WordPress website. After reading this blog, you’ll be confident in building a WordPress SEO strategy for your business.

WordPress SEO Strategies Everyone Should Know Of

Even with a WordPress website, there are some SEO strategies required. Some of the more common WordPress SEO strategies are discussed below:

1. SEO-Friendly WordPress Theme

A theme shouldn’t be about looking the prettiest but that’s what most individuals go for. However, it should be well noted that SEO friendly WordPress theme is what the business owners should go for. A perfect SEO theme can include:

  • The theme should have a standard or a simple layout making it convenient for the users to navigate.
  • A responsive WordPress theme enhances the overall user experience and therefore, it should be considered when choosing a WordPress theme.
  • A clean code with fewer CSS and Javascript files will decrease the page loading times and fasten the crawling process of the search bots exponentially. Therefore, also look for this trait while choosing a WordPress theme.

 2. Choose Your Favored Domain

There are two ways a domain can get chosen, one is www and the second way is everything except www. WWW came standard while creating a website but that’s not the case anymore. In this regard, there’s no SEO benefit whether the website is www or non-www.

However, for a larger business, it’s preferred to have a www website. The reason for that is the traffic can be redirected with a www website for a failover.

3. Say Yes To Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are often found at the top of the website or under the navigation bar. With a Yoast SEO plugin, it should take less than 5 minutes to install breadcrumbs on a business website. Follow these steps to install breadcrumbs:

  • Move to Yoast SEO and Search Appearance
  • Go to Breadcrumbs and simply click on Enabled.

Breadcrumbs make any website rank higher as it increases the navigation of the website. For user-friendly navigation, breadcrumbs are essential. Hence, before exiting the page, breadcrumbs encourage users to visit more pages of the website, and thus they also reduce the bounce rate. That’s any day good for SEO.

4. Select SEO Friendly Plugins

A business doesn’t require a set or a dozen of plugins. However, the right ones are certainly needed. On a WordPress website, a bunch of overloaded plugins can come with their baggage. Several plugins can lead to code bloat, non-semantic code, and heavy markup that can drastically reduce the speed of the page, thus hampering user experience. This makes the website less user-friendly or less SEO friendly.

 So, a plugin for a WordPress website should be simple and one that serves the purpose. Its job should be to make a website more user-friendly and enhance the overall SEO performance of the website.

5. Remove Pages Using Your Robots.txt Files

A messed-up robots.txt file can wreak havoc on the technical aspects of the website. Many marketers don’t understand the basics of the robots.txt file.

Robots.txt should make it simpler for the search engines to index your website. The disallow sections of the website should also be carefully chosen while creating a robots.txt file. However, as per experts, the robots.txt file should not be chosen to indicate to the bots how to crawl the website. There are some of the pages that should be carefully considered in the robots.txt file:

  • Thank you pages
  • Login pages or any page having admin access.
  • Categories
  • Archive
  • Tags

6. Fasten The Website

Site speed is one of the most vital technical ranking factors of Google. Whether local, national, or E-commerce SEO, site speed plays a crucial role in any website’s SEO. A website’s site speed can be increased by:

1. Compress Bigger Images

Large images tend to slow down a website and can take the loading times to the next age. Web software or even plugins can be added to compress the images on the website.

2. A Caching Plugin To Reduce Server Load

To create HTML versions of dynamic pages, caching plugins can be used. They significantly reduce page loading times. Several free and paid options are available in the market

3. Get Rid Of Outdated Page Elements

Getting rid of outdated page elements such as avoidable database calls should be deleted as quickly as possible. Also, get rid of old themes as hackers might try to exploit them and attack your website.

7. Secure The Website With HTTPS

Google gives preference to websites with HTTPS. The security of the website is one of the major SEO ranking factors of Google. Not just from an SEO point of view, but exposing hackers to sensitive data can do some serious damage to any business.

To secure your website, simply enable HTTPS. A secure website is HTTPS whereas a non-secured website is HTTP. HTTPS websites are ranked higher because the search engines want to display those websites in the search results that are secure. Various tools and WordPress plugins can aid the user in converting a website from HTTP to HTTPS.

8. Optimize Website Content

Content of a website plays a vital role, be it WordPress or a non WordPress website. Content is what brings readers to the website. So, certainly, it helps businesses generate leads or traffic.

Not only this but the content is a vital SEO factor and search engines value high quality content. Writing valuable content for the audience and resolving user intent is the key. From blog posts to infographics, cover the pain points of your audience, and resolve their queries or doubts.

However, after writing the content the next task is always to optimize the On-page parameters. Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress makes the On-page process convenient for marketers such as optimizing page images, headings, meta tags, etc. It simply colors codes areas for improvement and areas that require no changes.


To sum up, WordPress websites are no exception and require SEO measures just like any other website. The steps that are explained in this blog should be carefully executed and if done well, can render positive results for any business’s WordPress website. Add these measures and more to your WordPress website SEO and you will see a positive outcome in some time.

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What Impact Will Metaverse Have on Digital Marketing? /blog/what-impact-will-metaverse-have-on-digital-marketing/ /blog/what-impact-will-metaverse-have-on-digital-marketing/#respond Mon, 18 Apr 2022 12:14:50 +0000 /blog/?p=12635 The Metaverse has taken the world by storm. It seems the future is Metaverse as it’s destined for positive growth. This also opens new ventures for digital marketers and the way they market their products or services to individuals. It’ll be a whole new world experience that marketers have to cater to. This blog will […]

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Metaverse Have on Digital Marketing?

The Metaverse has taken the world by storm. It seems the future is Metaverse as it’s destined for positive growth. This also opens new ventures for digital marketers and the way they market their products or services to individuals. It’ll be a whole new world experience that marketers have to cater to.

This blog will cover the predicted ways digital marketers can utilize the Metaverse for innovative, yet effective marketing. With the advancement in technology, digital marketing measures will also change and this blog makes an effort to keep marketers aware of the latest technological trends and the way they can mold their practices.

What Is Metaverse And Why Should Marketers Know About It?

Metaverse is simply a virtual world where you can create an entire world, navigate, feel, experience, and move around as you would do in the actual, physical world. So, Metaverse is like a physical world inside a virtual world that you can create.

Thought of as a successor to today’s internet, Metaverse growth has been unprecedented. As of 2024, it’s expected that the global Metaverse market will rise to $72.8billion US dollars. With the rise of AI, 5G, VR, and cloud processing, it’s now possible to enjoy a seamless virtual experience across devices.

As per multiple industry experts, Metaverse will become the next web. It will become essential for brands and businesses to be aware of the latest Metaverse trends. Hence, marketers should remain abreast of the Metaverse world from now on and follow this next-gen of technology closely.

The Metaverse will challenge digital marketer Company or marketers and they can find themselves in trouble if they’re not aware of it. Conventional digital marketing practices won’t help and for the Metaverse, an entirely new strategy or measures will become essential for business marketers if they truly wish to succeed. Hence, the knowledge of Metaverse and its trends has become a necessity for marketers today.

The Change In Technology With Metaverse

In Metaverse, it’s expected that everyone will have an avatar. To simplify, it’s a virtual 3D experience. However, Metaverse is VR beyond gaming. It’s a virtual world where one can socialize, create, express, collaborate, and more.

Brands are now actively trying to create virtual communities, content, art, experiences, and more to interact with their audience.

Therefore, Metaverse can be thought of as a new world just like the World Wide Web was thought of 20-30 years ago. Hence, as marketing changed with the arrival of the world wide web, we can expect the same changes with the advent of Metaverse and marketers have to prep for this advancement in society.

How Can Digital Marketers Adapt For The Meta Audience?

Using modern day technology such as VR, AI, etc. to market products and services has become the norm for companies. To innovatively market their services and products, companies are actively utilizing technology for better promotion or sales.

Today marketers are required to think fast and adapt quickly to please the audience in a 3D medium. With Metaverse, these are some of the changes marketers can expect and the measures that they can take:

Metaverse And SEO

SEO is all about being found. SEO service Providers undertake SEO measures to make a business visible on the search engines. Similarly, it would require brands to be visible on the Metaverse. In Metaverse, brands can stake their claim with their matched audience.

One thing that brands can actively start doing is having the ‘Metaverse’ keyword feature often. Search engines and social media interactions can quickly link to a brand if the word ‘Metaverse’ is used. By following the latest measures, and actively being part of the Metaverse discussion, marketers can formulate a potent SEO strategy for the current and future Metaverse.

On the other hand, Local SEO can be benefitted from AR/VR technologies allowing individuals to try on new products before buying them. Hence, creating an environment or simulation can enable individuals to get a better experience of the products or the services. This can largely benefit local businesses and it seems something many businesses can take up as part of pleasing the future meta audience.

Implementing more visuals, audio, or real life experiences can certainly add weight to the Metaverse marketing and can help a brand become visible.

Remember, Metaverse is a visual medium so companies will have to look for innovative, 3D ways to market their products or services. A well shot, visual advertisement is likely to do well in the Metaverse. Providing an immersive experience through promotions is what brands should target when marketing to the target audience in Metaverse.

Social Media Platforms And Metaverse

Facebook wants to be seen as a leading Metaverse company. Ready to dive into the 3D, Facebook is actively investing in technologies to build Metaverse. With Facebook’s Horizon, the official metaverse of the company, you can join communities tied to Facebook Groups and do an array of activities as per your interest and join a community. Be it gardening, meditation, or anything you like, you can immerse yourself in Facebook Horizon.

The activities done in 3D can be shared with a 2D audience. Social media platforms are hence, closing the gap between the virtual and the real world. Hence, with the help of an avatar, it’s possible to create relationships, take selfies, host events, and perform more real life actions within the virtual world with the help of social media platforms. Snapchat and Facebook are working toward providing a great virtual experience to their users.

With social media platforms actively investing in Metaverse, it seems marketers have a good chance to promote their products or services innovatively if they learn how to use Metaverse creatively, and in the future, it seems social media and Metaverse will provide marketers ample ways to creatively spread the word for their services and products.

 Some More Points To Keep In Mind:-                                                  

  1. Start creating content with VR. Look at influencers and content creators who can do so.
  2. Attending events on VR platforms certainly does help.
  3. Use Google Alerts to get the latest update on Metaverse and to educate yourself on the topic.


With the arrival of Metaverse, there are now multiple, innovative ways to promote a service or a product. Not just this but with a virtual world, it is a necessity to promote differently as conventional digital or real life marketing ways won’t work. With the trends and measures that are explained in this blog, brands should focus on providing an immersive experience to their users that can help them feel things as they would in the real world. Only then marketers can carry their skills forward in this next wave of technological advancement.

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Website Usability Analysis – Why It Is Key For SEO? /blog/website-usability-analysis/ /blog/website-usability-analysis/#respond Thu, 14 Apr 2022 07:26:58 +0000 /blog/?p=12629 At first impression, SEO and website usability might sound worlds apart. However, they are more related to each other if you think about it. SEO is what happens before a click and website usability is what happens afterward. Regardless, both are required if you wish to convert a website visitor to a customer. One is […]

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Website Usability Analysis

At first impression, SEO and website usability might sound worlds apart. However, they are more related to each other if you think about it. SEO is what happens before a click and website usability is what happens afterward. Regardless, both are required if you wish to convert a website visitor to a customer. One is incomplete without the other.

In this blog, you’ll understand extensively what website usability is all about and why it’s necessary for SEO services. You’ll be able to comprehend the relationship between these two and develop business strategies that can lead to profit for any business.

Website Usability: A Basic Definition

Website usability is all about the ease a user experiences after landing on a website page. On the other hand, SEO is all about increasing website rankings, visibility on search engines, and then acquiring organic website traffic. SEO can include measures such as content, link building, resolving technical website issues, and more. All of this increases a website’s visibility and search rankings on the search engines.

SEO and website usability support each other and are necessary for a business to thrive. Website usability has some parameters some of which are discussed below:

  • Website usability is about making it easy for the user to navigate and find the information that they require.
  • It’s effective on all devices and should be efficient to use from the user’s point of view.
  • No technical errors.
  • Attractive design and content arrangement.

Hence, website usability is all about providing a good experience to the website user. SEO covers the initial part of showing the website on a search. However, after a click, website usability plays an effective role.

Therefore, website usability is about making an impression on the website visitor. If it’s positive, there’s a chance that they’ll most likely convert, and if not, all your SEO efforts can go in vain. Hence, website usability should always be taken care of by all businesses today.

Website Usability

Why Website Usability Is Required For SEO?

Website usability is all about retaining the website visitor. They are a group of factors that enhances a website visitor’s experience. Initially, SEO was all about getting the keywords right. On the web, it was easy to get a page ranked if we go back 10-15 years ago. However, as more websites got developed, the web algorithm got more complex.

Individuals also started using black hat SEO techniques to get their pages ranked. This includes keyword stuffing, irrelevant links, duplicate content, and more. These are meant to only rank a website page but provide no value to the user.

With search engines getting smarter and taking a step against spam or black hat websites, they started adding more factors under White Hat SEO. White Hat SEO includes good website tactics that please both the user as well as the search engine bots.

Today, SEO is beyond just content and links as it encompasses several factors to provide relevant information and a better experience to users. If a website provides this to users, a website has a high chance of ranking higher on the search engines.

Today, the relevant SEO factors include:

  • User-friendly website design
  • Webpage loading speed
  • Number of web pages
  • Mobile optimization
  • Content length and more

As you can see how Google and other search engines are increasingly emphasizing website usability instead of outdated black hat SEO tactics. Therefore, website usability factors have become an essential component of SEO.

People rely a ton on getting information quickly from search engines. Hence, search engines present those websites to the users that are easy to navigate, perform well on all devices, and display information to the user in a concise manner. So, it’s not just presenting content to the user but how it gets represented on the website. Hence, the overall experience of finding the website and user experience on it is what’s classified as SEO today.

How Can Website Usability Be Optimized?

As established, website usability plays a crucial role in SEO. So, if that’s the case, there must be ways through which one can improve it. Some of the proven ways are discussed below:

1. Decrease Page Load Times

Users can back off from the site if it’s taking too long to load. The bounce rate can increase drastically leading to poor user experience. People want answers in a few clicks and in less time, and any website having optimum loading performance on any device is likely to rank better and give users a better experience.

Therefore, the focus should be on decreasing the page load so that it opens quickly. One effective way of reducing page loading times is through compressing images and reducing their size. Scaling the images to the right size on the website can reduce the page load and hence, it can load faster.  Browser caching and optimizing CSS files are some other measures that decrease page loading times.

2. A Responsive Website Design

A responsive website design enables the website to perform well on all devices. Be it smartphones, desktops, tablets, or any device, the website functions smoothly with a responsive web design. With many users now actively using mobiles for accessing the web, mobile friendliness is no longer an option.

A large chunk of traffic and sales could get lost if the website isn’t responsive. Remember, a desktop theme based version should be applied regardless of the device. Moreover, a small number of tweaks itself can make the website responsive. The maximum width of the page, image sizes, etc. are some of the minor changes that need to be bought from the mobile version to the desktop version. Any major change should not be done as it can only confuse the user. Adding the responsive design code to the page can automatically allow the website to adjust as per the device requirement.

3. Familiar Website Layout

It’s okay to make your website stand out but it shouldn’t confuse the user. A simple website layout with easy navigation is what users want where they can easily find what they desire. If users find it hard to navigate a website, they’re most likely to abandon the website.

Whereas, if users are in a comfortable and familiar environment, they can conveniently navigate and that converts to a convincing user experience. Doing something unusual with navigation is unlikely to generate some positive results.

Therefore, keeping a familiar website layout makes it easy for the user to navigate and that translates to a good experience beneficial for website usability and SEO.


Website usability factors have now become an essential part of SEO. It also leads to a better experience alongside enhanced rankings for a website. Therefore, with the measures that are explained in this blog, you can easily enhance the website experience for a visitor and convert them as desired. If you opt for SEO packages from a reliable SEO firm then will help you with website usability analysis.

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Tips To Secure Your E-Commerce Website /blog/tips-to-secure-your-e-commerce-website/ /blog/tips-to-secure-your-e-commerce-website/#respond Thu, 31 Mar 2022 12:53:27 +0000 /blog/?p=12621 In your capacity as an eCommerce business owner, the most significant thing for you is to protect your website from hundreds of security breaches every day. According to a statistic, nearly 70% of e-commerce websites are hacked on average every single day. In order to prevent such attacks, you should be aware of them at […]

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Secure Your E-Commerce Website

Source – Pickaweb

In your capacity as an eCommerce business owner, the most significant thing for you is to protect your website from hundreds of security breaches every day. According to a statistic, nearly 70% of e-commerce websites are hacked on average every single day.

In order to prevent such attacks, you should be aware of them at all times and prepare your website in a manner that nothing will compromise your security system. Prevention is always better than cure, as you know. It is safer to protect your e-commerce site proactively rather than wait for an attack.

Why Your Ecommerce Site Should Be Secured

Any eCommerce site owner would agree that securing their website is their greatest challenge. Hackers are creating new traps every day, making noobs the victims. This should be a constant concern and you should take appropriate precautions. If you fail to do so, you will lose the credibility of your customers, which will lead to a loss of profit as a result.

How Does Ecommerce Security Work?

Security for eCommerce resources refers to keeping them safe from uninvited attacks and access. A bulletproof security system should be developed to ensure that no one could delete, update, or add any content to your eCommerce site without your permission.

Also, Check – 

5 Powerful Ways to Boost your eCommerce Business
How Ecommerce SEO Packages Can Bring More Customers

Here are the tips that will make your e-commerce website secure.

  • Login Through OTP (One Time Password)

If you have ever conducted online banking or made an online purchase, you are likely familiar with OTP. One-time passwords (OTPs) are passwords that are valid for only one type of login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital device.It is only possible for the holder of this particular phone number to receive an OTP. This will enable them to access that password, allowing them to interact with the application and verify themselves with an OTP or PIN code. Businesses throughout the world can utilize this kind of convenience and security due to the availability of mobile devices and their utility as a one-time-use passcode device.

Extensions such as the Magento 2 mobile login implements the OTP login functionality in your Magento 2 store. A customer is allowed to log in, register, or opt for ‘Cash on Delivery’ only after verifying his phone number. 

OTP login is quickly becoming a well-known safety feature that ensures the security of one’s account since it enables a genuine link between the user and the phone number.

  • Secure Your Admin Panel and Servers

Default passwords for most e-commerce platforms are ridiculously easy to guess. You are exposing yourself to hacks if you do not update them. Keep your passwords and usernames as complex as possible and renew them regularly.

It is possible to take it a step further and have the panel notify you when an unknown IP attempts to log in. These simple measures can dramatically increase the security of the store.

  • Software for scanning for viruses and malware

Cheats are capable of placing orders from anywhere in the world using stolen credit card information. You can prevent this serious e-commerce issue by utilizing an antivirus or anti-fraud program. To help you take further action, they use sophisticated algorithms to flag malicious transactions. By providing a fraud risk score, they can assist owners in determining whether a particular transaction is legitimate.

  • Use Impossible to Guess Password 

In spite of the increased competition of technologies such as facial recognition and multi-factor authentication (MFA), passwords remain the standard method of logging onto most software applications. As we are required to enter a password for every service or website we access, for many users, it is simply simpler to use the same password for several services.

Using this approach leads to many problems, including widespread fraud. This is because once hackers have taken the reused usernames and passwords, they can be applied to a variety of different services. The same password should never be used for two or more accounts. Be sure to create different passwords for your website database, your hosting server, your admin panel, your FTP account, and any email accounts connected. In general, long passwords should be composed of both alphabet and numbers.

  • Use Firewalls

Use firewall software and plugins that are not only affordable but also effective in protecting your eCommerce store. They prevent untrusted networks from entering your site, and they regulate traffic entering and leaving it. Allowing only the traffic you trust is possible with selective permeability. As well as preventing cyber threats, such as SQL injections and Cross-Site Scripting, they also provide virus protection.

  • Data Should Be Backed Up

Typical data loss incidents are caused by hardware malfunctions or cyberattacks. Moreover, if you do not regularly back up your data, you may lose it forever. If you want to accomplish something, you should do it yourself rather than relying on others. Ensure that your data is regularly backed up, even if you forget to do it manually.

If you decide not to use your original backup, you may make a copy of it as a contingency plan. There is also the option of choosing a managed hosting service, like Cloudways, that creates backups for you automatically.

  • Keep yourself up to date

It can be very tempting to overlook the importance of regularly updating website core, security tools, and plugins. However, it is necessary to install security updates and patches as soon as they become available, as hackers can use bots to determine which websites use outdated software. A product that is out of date is a serious liability.


You should always be aware of the threats that may exist within your immediate virtual environment. Additionally, you should be aware of the ways you can safeguard your e-commerce business from these threats and prepare yourself accordingly using the above-mentioned tips.

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What Link Building Strategy Constitutes Of? /blog/link-building-strategy/ /blog/link-building-strategy/#respond Tue, 29 Mar 2022 07:11:15 +0000 /blog/?p=12618 As per Google, content, and backlinks are the two most important ranking factors for a target keyword. Link Building is synonymous with SEO and is considered a crucial part of it. An SEO company always offers link building services that help clients in many ways. However, in recent times link building has changed considerably. Off-Page […]

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Link Building Strategy

As per Google, content, and backlinks are the two most important ranking factors for a target keyword. Link Building is synonymous with SEO and is considered a crucial part of it. An SEO company always offers link building services that help clients in many ways. However, in recent times link building has changed considerably. Off-Page links are now more about quality than quantity. With the links, businesses often expect instant results and end up making quick, irrelevant links. In reality, link building is more about building relations and then allowing the search engines to recognize the authority and relevance of the links.

In this blog, you’ll learn the potent ways to construct a link building strategy. With these strategies, one can easily construct authoritative links and can boost their rankings in no time. An inbound link with high value is regarded both by the search engines as well as the user and this blog serves as a guide to creating one or many of those links.

Why Is Link Building Necessary?

In digital marketing, On-Page SEO is 25% whereas Off-Page SEO is about 75%. It’s more about what activities are happening outside of the website. Google values backlinks from relevant, authoritative websites, and the more a business has it on the other websites, the better a business can rank on its chosen keywords.

Link building is, therefore, a crucial ranking factor. Search Engines actively check how many websites link back to a business’s website. The better the backlink profile of a business, the higher is its rankings on the search engines.

With a potent backlink profile, external websites link back to a website. This naturally increases a website’s traffic, trust, and dominance. A business as a result becomes more spread out on the web which naturally increases clicks and leads leading to more opportunities for sales and revenue generation.

Link Building Strategies That Are Easy And Effective

Do you know that 95% of all pages online have zero backlinks pointing to their website? If implemented the right way, link building can render positive results. For any business getting an SEO package, quality link building services are what they look up to. However, businesses often do SEO of their website by themselves. In that case, the target should always be to create a follow link. With a follow link, Google and other search engines are guided to a business’s website as the link juice or the authority gets passed. On the other hand, a nofollow link contains no SEO value and is just a link with no real value. Here are some of the meaningful ways a business can create such useful backlinks:

1. Check Competitor’s Backlinks

It’s essential to check a competitor’s backlinks, especially, if they’re consistently ranking higher than your business. As a business, you should know where your competitors are getting their backlinks from. It’s always a good idea to spy on your competitors and see the websites they’re getting the backlinks from. If they can get backlinks from a specific website, there’s a high percentage chance that you can too.

The competitive analysis offers a decent chance for any business to do a thorough link check of a competitor. Focusing on the sites they’re getting backlinks from offers your business a powerful chance of getting the backlinks from the same website.

It’s simple to offer value to a website by sharing meaningful content. However, most businesses find it hard to find a competitor’s backlinks. Using specialized tools such as Ahrefs can easily help any business find out its competitor’s backlinks and undertake effective link building from then on. It’s simple to build quality backlinks when you have SEO tools working for you.

2. Guest Blogging

At least 90% of marketers use content pieces as their way to generate more backlinks. The idea of Guest Blogging has certainly evolved. Guest blogging isn’t about randomly posting on websites for the sake of getting a backlink. Today, for guest blogging or guest posting to be effective, the website must be relevant to your business’s niche and should have high authority. There’s absolutely no point in getting a backlink from a website that’s less authoritative than yours.

Any link building campaign or SEO link building includes Guest Blogging. It’s essential to create content for other websites and then share it. Guest blogging is usually regarded as a premium quality backlink. However, making it about your business most likely won’t help. The more information a business shares on the other website, the more trusted it becomes. The idea of blogging anyway is to share information and gain trust with your audience and guest posting is no different.

Hence, guest posting should be done on niche websites that are more likely to attract your type of audience and are considered high quality links. With backlinks, it’s important to remain targeted and focused as, if it’s performed well, it’s one search engine optimization activity that can largely increase traffic and conversions.

Effective link building strategies are all about value, and a guest post can certainly do that. Any SEO link building strategy is bound to have a guest blog and your SEO strategy should have a guest post.

3. Distribute Infographics

Infographics are a great way to share information engagingly. It’s simple to gain organic traffic by creating and distributing infographics without even asking for it.

With infographics, it’s convenient to communicate any research, data, statistics, or findings. Hence, infographics are a great way to attract an organic crowd. Also, blogs with infographics get more links and are shared more.

Therefore, infographics should be well utilized and they have to be attractive, and informative to become shareable. A business can also use gifographics instead which has the same features as an infographic but features an interactive gif image. Hence, a business should ideally create quality content and then distribute it as it helps them build more quality links which increase in value over time. Any link building efforts should include infographics which is a vital link building tactic that’s mostly considered a premium quality backlink. To finalize, it’s easy to develop a quality link with an infographic.

4. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a great strategy for those marketers that don’t write their content. The concept of broken link building is about finding pages with broken links. Additionally, the strategy is to replace those broken links with similar content that’s on your website.

So, broken link building is about simply replacing links that no longer work with high value content. You can suggest content to a website from your website that they can link to if they have a broken link. This way a business gets a link on another website that isn’t forced. Broken link building is a natural link building strategy that can help any business gain authoritative backlinks from relevant websites.

5. Check Your Backlinks

With all the work getting done, it’s also important to track your progress. It’s unwise to spend money and time on building new links but not tracking the status of old links.

With time, some of the old links vanish as you don’t have control over external links. As it’s up to the site owner, some of the old links might disappear with time. Moreover, having a record of links built also helps a business estimate how many more backlinks do they require now.

With the help of specialized tools, a business can conveniently know the number of backlinks they won and lost over some time. Moreover, the tools also tell DA, page authority, and anchor text. The analytics of such tools also help a business in understanding whether their backlink strategy is working or not.  Some popular link building and tracking tools are Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, SEMrush, Moz, Google Search Console, etc.

Note: Link building is a crucial activity and hence, they are usually performed by SEO experts. Sometimes they are not handled by the vendor themselves but by an SEO Reseller that they hand it over to.


By following all the strategies mentioned in the blog, a business can conveniently create a link building strategy that’s bound to get higher rankings for any business. With so many benefits, link building is one activity that should be implemented carefully. However, if performed authentically, its benefits are unmatchable and can take a business’s SEO to the next level. Therefore, building relevant links of high value for the search engines and their users is the main purpose of this activity.

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The Basics of Semantic SEO And How To Implement It? /blog/semantic-seo-and-how-to-implement-it/ /blog/semantic-seo-and-how-to-implement-it/#respond Mon, 28 Mar 2022 09:14:32 +0000 /blog/?p=12615 Semantic SEO is all about adding more meaning and depth to the web content. With the help of Semantic SEO, Google crawlers comprehend the web content in a specified way. Moreover, crawlers think of the content as authoritative, and user search intent based, and therefore, pushes it up the rankings. This blog will focus on […]

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Semantic SEO is all about adding more meaning and depth to the web content. With the help of Semantic SEO, Google crawlers comprehend the web content in a specified way. Moreover, crawlers think of the content as authoritative, and user search intent based, and therefore, pushes it up the rankings.

This blog will focus on the basics, benefits, and strategies that one can adopt for Semantic SEO. This read will turn into a specific guide on how to implement semantic SEO and how a business or an individual can incorporate Semantic SEO in its internet marketing or search engine optimization strategy.

What Is Semantic SEO All About?

Semantic SEO is all about incorporating more meaning and depth into the content. In short, content that’s more laser focused on user search intent is more likely to get ranked especially now with semantic search. Semantic search is a data search technique that focuses on understanding the meaning of the search instead of keywords. With search engines increasingly becoming advanced, they do rely on semantic search. So, Semantic SEO tends to focus on content that has more depth and is of high quality, and can get ranked on semantic search.

With the advancement in Google’s algorithm, content just can’t be stuffed with keywords anymore. A search result won’t show such results and these are outdated digital marketing practices. To understand the content better and to improve its quality, Google has undertaken a semantic and human approach to ranking, analyzing, and displaying the content on search results. Over time with various updates, Google’s algorithm became smarter and more sophisticated in understanding the content and ranking it on the merit of resolving user search intent.

 Hence, the ranking criteria changed and so did the definition of quality content as they became more about semantic analysis focusing on deriving the meaning from the text. With this need, Semantic SEO should always be part of an SEO strategy.

Searchers now rely on search engines to get an in-depth explanation of any topic. People, most of the time, aren’t looking for short answers on search engines. They expect Google to provide search results that are accurate and in-depth. Hence, Semantic SEO is all about writing in-depth content that improves the user search experience. Pages that answer multiple queries can allow the users to get answers on a single page, that’s convenient for the user and also for the search engine itself.

What Are The Benefits Of Semantic SEO?

Semantic SEO has a ton of benefits even though, it may be time consuming. However, the benefits are worth the time consumed and some of the benefits are:

  1. The content can get ranked on the ‘People Also Ask’ section of Google.
  2. Google crawlers judge the content as high quality.
  3. Better opportunities for internal linking.
  4. Google starts seeing a business as an authority in its niche.
  5. More ranks on associated keywords.
  6. Semantic SEO can drop the bounce rate of a page.

Semantic SEO Strategies That Assure Higher Rankings

SEO strategies with Semantic SEO revolve around improving the topic explanation and the meaning of the web content. The strategies constructed are as follows:

1. Build And Optimize For Keyword And Topic Clusters

Nowadays, it’s better to create web pages that are optimized for multiple keywords instead of a single keyword. Keyword clusters are a group of similar keywords within the same semantic cluster.

By adding more keywords, a business can conveniently rank for a group of keywords with a single page. This simply leads to more opportunities for clicks and lead generation.

On the other hand, topic clusters are a group of content pieces that revolve around a central topic. Usually, several similar topics link back to a larger topic. Topic clusters largely rely on a business’s products or services. Finally, these topic and keyword clusters provide a website with opportunities for internal links or link building.

2. Improve The Content Grammatically And In Depth

With increased explanation and depth in the content, the length of the content increases. Even though the content length is no ranking factor, however, it displays strong semantic signals. Moreover, the length should be increased with quality content and not with keyword stuffing or repetition.

Bear in mind that Google is smart enough to understand synonyms and hence, the content should not be filled with the keywords alone. Increasing the depth and readability of the content can benefit the user as well as the search engine in presenting genuine results to the user as it uses semantic search to display relevant results. Relevant content is what gets promoted on searches.

3. Write Content That Resolves User Query

Answering user queries for users is an easy way for a business to establish authority in its niche. Also, Google has always been a platform to answer user queries. So, naturally, it’ll promote content that answers user queries. All Google searches are for a query, more or less. A search query is done to look for relevant results or answers and people trust search engines with the most accurate results.

‘People Also Ask Questions’ section of Google appears for approximately half of the searches and often ranks at the first spot. Therefore, answering user queries can help a content rank at the top of the semantic searches and is a crucial part of holistic SEO services.

4. Include Structured Data

Structured data is all about directly conveying the meaning of content to the search crawlers. Hence, structured data brings clarification in regards to the content for Google crawlers. One example could be of using product schema on a product page. This informs Google on information such as type, size of products, etc.  With correct external linking, images, references, and more, the search engine is clear about the page’s content.  With a clear definition, content can easily rank on the semantic search or Google search.

5. Use Content Optimization Tools

Content Optimization tools help an internet marketing team to optimize their content, as well as in researching topics related to the niche. An SEO content writer, more specifically, can easily identify terms based on the rankings.

With major topics selected,  it’s convenient for businesses to display authority and even create content. Certain content optimization tools can help a writer from scratch to finish. However, some tools provide help with writing in a specific area. Finally, content optimization tools make it convenient for writers to optimize content at every step and conveniently integrate Semantic SEO into content marketing, and SEO. With this much precision, any business can rank on the semantic search.


To sum up, Semantic SEO benefits a company in invaluable ways. It’s a modern, potent SEO strategy that can help a business rank on semantic search. With the advantages and the strategies mentioned, a business can easily dominate the semantic search on the semantic web. Hence, advanced SEO services should include Semantic SEO and therefore, every business should be moving towards it and implementing a semantic SEO strategy.

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How ORM Can Help To Remove Negative Reviews? /blog/how-orm-can-help-to-remove-negative-reviews/ /blog/how-orm-can-help-to-remove-negative-reviews/#respond Tue, 22 Mar 2022 10:58:35 +0000 /blog/?p=12605 In this day and age where individuals are constantly using the web to search more about businesses, it has become essential for companies to have a positive reputation on the web. Companies are actively trying to maintain a dominating online presence on the web. Businesses have this pressure of delivering consistent services, as individuals won’t […]

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ORM Can Help To Remove Negative Reviews

In this day and age where individuals are constantly using the web to search more about businesses, it has become essential for companies to have a positive reputation on the web. Companies are actively trying to maintain a dominating online presence on the web. Businesses have this pressure of delivering consistent services, as individuals won’t work with a business with a negative reputation. Therefore, how online reputation management can help to remove negative reviews is a necessary learning every brand is focusing on.

60% of individuals won’t do business with a company that has negative reviews and a business can easily lose out on a potential customer because of negative reception. A single negative Google review is most likely harmless but a single negative review can sometimes hamper a business’s brand. To get positive reviews and an authoritative online presence, businesses often resort to ORM services or online reputation management services.

In this blog, you’ll learn how ORM can help a company manage negative reviews on a review site, Google search engine result page, and social media. With a case study, you’ll understand how ORM services can benefit a business with an online reputation by actively managing reviews and controlling the sentiment towards a business.

What Are ORM Services And Why Are They Essential?

Online reputation management is all about handling a business’s reputation on the web. ORM is handled by digital marketing experts and they mainly try to handle online reviews of a company. A company can set up its in-house internet marketing department or get help from a digital marketing agency. Since its web reputation, digital marketing experts are well versed with ORM concepts and actively try to manage a business’s online presence positively.

Online reputation involves any activity that can help a company better its reputation or brand. ORM services are the measures that actively help a business present itself positively on the web. With such marketing tactics, a business helps itself in the following ways:

  1. With a good reputation online, people search directly for a brand name which can right away increase 50% of the organic traffic. A business with positive content, reviews, and reputation is searched directly by individuals. With potent ORM services, businesses can develop a brand reputation by managing feedback, online reviews, and by building a reputation on the web.
  2. Positive online reviews help a business create a positive impact and even elevate a business or a brand in the digital world. They even lead to good customer relationships. On the other hand, negative search results or any negative article associated with the business from a Google search can easily hamper a business’s reputation. For better web relations with its audience, a business has to highly rely on ORM services.
  3. With a simple Google search, a consumer can learn a ton about a business. A single, simple negative review is likely harmless. But with more search, within minutes, a consumer can know about a business with search and social media. If the online reputation of a business, doesn’t impress them, they are more than likely to avoid doing interacting with that business. So, ORM helps a business get standing on the web and establish trust and authority within the industry, with potential and current customers. This eventually also leads to boosted sales and revenue.
  4. Lastly, ORM services help individuals become aware of a business. ORM services put the business in front helping individuals understand what a business is about. Hence, with ORM services, businesses make an effort to interact with their audience and implement a two-way conversation. Moreover, businesses share information and allow individuals to react, and steer conversations. With active ORM services, businesses create a personalized effect on people and thus, create a positive reputation and manage it simultaneously. Therefore, actively listening to customer feedback is an important measure of ORM services.

How Negative Reviews Are Managed With ORM Services?

Negative reviews create a bad impact on customers. As stated above, people do pay attention to what others are saying about a business. With increasing usage and people relying on the web for information, people are vigilant with who they want to do business with. Therefore, to remove bad reviews, businesses take active steps with ORM as it is of value in today’s digital world.

Smart businesses know that’s the case, and hence, they take their online reputation seriously and actively focus on minimizing the damage from negative reception. A positive review requires work from every end and ORM comes with a ton of benefits for every business.

Therefore, companies that actively manage negative reviews are at a level with their online reputation management. A bad review or fake reviews, all review should be taken care of with ORM services.

For instance, one of our clients, Sposen Homes was actively trying to get an online reputation in the USA market. They specifically needed productive, efficacious strategies to get their name out in Cape Coral, Fort Myers Florida, USA. They were struggling with negative reviews, all-around negative content and were not getting the results expected.

With our experience and understanding, we focused on removing the negative reviews from Google or more specifically from the business’s SERP(Search Engine Result Page). With our ORM expertise, we were able to change the complete look of the business on Google search results and negative content was largely minimized.

Most importantly, we were able to hide negative reviews on specific keywords that were initially getting highlighted on the first page. With our efforts, they weren’t even in the top 20 search results. Thus, with ORM services, Sposen Homes SERP looked much better than before, thus boosting, their brand reputation and authority.

Sposen homes

Therefore, with negative reviews, it’s best to remove them, or better else, manage them. The ways to manage or remove negative reviews are:

  1. If it’s possible to remove negative or fake reviews, instantly remove them. If not, stacking positive feedback on top of negative ones is the standard strategy adopted. Good, positive reviews can push the negative reviews down, thus, ensuring brand reputation in the process.
  2. It’s also essential to respond to negative comments. A business, no matter how perfect or huge will have negative reviews. One easy way is to deal with negative reviews is by responding to them professionally. If a customer review is inappropriate, you can then flag it. However, if not, it’s best you listen, understand and respond to customer complaints. Therefore, every review is important and should be replied to. Doing so would represent your business as someone who listens and values its customers. Plus, it is a type of customer service for an unhappy customer that is more than likely to feel appreciated with your professional response to their complaint.
  3. Always mention the action you’re going to take after responding to negative comments. No individual just wants a plain apology. They want specific steps or actions for a bad experience. Giving answers, and telling the users what to expect after a bad experience is a way to go.
  4. Lastly, it’s important to monitor and review any brand mentions. For such activities, it’s best to use listening tools to look out for negative content that may be done unintentionally from your end. Any activity could lead to destroying the brand’s reputation. It could be a post or a comment that may seem harmless but can trigger the audience. Hence, it’s important to clear any misunderstanding and clear the air before any unnecessary damage happens. Fake negative reviews are especially to be taken care of.

Taking all these advanced steps helps a business in managing public relations. Happy customers build a business reputation that’s unlikely to break and if done right, only strengthens with time. Thus, a vital reputation management service strategy can do wonders for any business.

How To Handle Social Crisis On Social Media?

In times of crisis, especially in the social media world, customers can easily outrage on the web and a business’s reputation could get hurt because of the negative feedback on a social media platform. A negative online review looks bad on any business.

Multiple businesses have received the wrath of their audience and audience outburst on social media leading to a sharp increase in negative perception or reviews. It is in those times, an online reputation management strategy could easily help a business. Some of the ways to manage immediate outbursts of customers on social media are:

  1. Stop all active digital campaigns. It’s best to listen and then respond aptly but swiftly. There’s no point in responding when the ship has sailed. Therefore, complete attention should be on handling the social crisis.
  2. A professional, well-rounded response to handle the audience is what a brand should focus on. It should come early and with a sympathetic and understanding tone.
  3. Lastly, it’s important to remain professional than to get carried away with the public outrage. Brands make rash decisions or say something unnecessary when stuck in a situation as such. So, remaining calm and coming up with a prompt, and accurate response is one way to calm down the crowd and reduce the damage of reputation.

Hence, ORM management services go beyond the SERP and even extend to social media, especially for bigger brands. Therefore, actively managing and navigating web reputation involves ORM activities beneficial for any brand of any size.


With all the actions mentioned in this blog, a business can appropriately manage negative reception and reviews on SERP and social media. Therefore, it’s important to handle negative reviews healthily. A learning curve with improved services, is what would prove to be the best defense against negative reception in the long run for any business. However, for a shorter, immediate action, ORM services can also prove to be handy as with the steps explained in this blog. In any situation, ORM services are a continuous job that requires constant check and improvement at all times, as web reputation should remain spotless.

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How Online Reputation Plans Can Help Improve Brand Image /blog/how-online-reputation-plans-can-help-improve-brand-image/ /blog/how-online-reputation-plans-can-help-improve-brand-image/#respond Thu, 17 Mar 2022 10:54:12 +0000 /blog/?p=12598 People are constantly browsing the web looking for businesses and local information. It is through the web today, people find out about a business. Therefore, it becomes even more important for a business to have a reputable standing on the web. To achieve this, this blog will discuss the various ORM or online reputation management […]

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Online Reputation Plans Can Help Improve Brand Image

People are constantly browsing the web looking for businesses and local information. It is through the web today, people find out about a business. Therefore, it becomes even more important for a business to have a reputable standing on the web.

To achieve this, this blog will discuss the various ORM or online reputation management services that a business can get from a reputed digital marketing agency. You’ll mainly learn about the various online reputation packages that internet marketing agencies offer to businesses that help improve their brand image or better else, lead to brand awareness.

How ORM Services Lead To Better Brand Image?

ORM or online reputation management aids a business in managing its online reputation. Some businesses prefer to perform and manage their online marketing. However, many companies don’t have the budget or the skills and the resources to execute a reputation management strategy.

Therefore, many businesses can’t figure out a way to manage their online reputation and what to do with it? However, some opt for online reputation management packages from digital marketing agencies and get the required help.

After all, they are experts in the digital sphere and know how to manage and handle the online reputation of a business alongside multiple other digital solutions.

There are various ways through which a business can better its brand reputation when they receive brand reputation management services as part of an online reputation management strategy from an internet marketing agency. Some of those potent ways are:

1. Navigation Of Brand Image

With an apt ORM package, an internet marketing agency ensures that a business’s online reputation remains positive and impactful. One common advantage with the help of ORM services is that a business can navigate its online reputation.

An ORM package includes multiple online services that can help a brand better its standing on the web. Regular content creation and sharing, replying to reviews, or forming a connection with an audience are key digital strategies that assist a business in having a confident reputation online. All this helps individuals understand what a business is truly about. Therefore, with active content creation and interaction, businesses can positively steer their online reputation.

2. Better Brand Visibility

An ORM package enables a business to broadcast its brand image on the web. Better interaction and quality content will be beneficial for any brand which will increase its visibility. Therefore, to help individuals learn about a business it’s essential that a business talks with leads and customers online.

Online sales are all about exposure. The more an individual knows about a business, the more confident they feel about a business. Certainly, branding is what individuals think about a business and more visibility leads to increased online awareness. To achieve all this, getting effective online reputation management services from a digital marketing agency is a must and one can achieve all the services by buying a suitable ORM package from one of the professional marketing agencies.

3.  Diminishing The Impact Of Negative Reviews

Certainly, not everything can be positive about a business. Every business gets negative reviews and these reviews can even stop a potential customer from buying from that business. However, what matters the most is how those negative feedbacks are handled.

What customers want is a company that listens to them with their complaints being heard. Digital agencies with ORM services are professionals at managing customer reviews or customer feedback and know how to handle negative situations or reviews as part of a reputation management strategy.

Customers truly want a company that cares about their demands. If any customer has encountered any issue at any point, the company should work on it and should let the customer know. That’s what online managing online reviews are all about, especially negative reviews. A bad review should always be taken as an opportunity to grow, and not as a personal attack. Online business reputation management services always ensure reviews are replied to, especially negative reviews with professional intent.

Hence, online review management on Google and local directories is always a part of ORM services and internet marketing experts know how to handle such reviews and hence, they offer this ORM service through packages. This reputation management service is crucial and hence, managing reviews and ratings is paramount for any business.

4. Building Trust & Credibility

With all the visibility and management of reputation online, a business becomes vocal and transparent. Handling negative, and positive reviews and responding to them professionally tells a lot about a business which can drastically change people’s perception of a brand. Thus, it’s a vital reputation management strategy. Enough can be said about a business’s services and their customer support with the way they handle customers online. Therefore, every ORM package includes this crucial online reputation management service.

A business having a personalized, favorable presence on the web ensures trust and credibility among its audience. Because, a business that listens and also shares meaningful content is regarded as authoritative, and trustworthy in its niche.

Internet marketing companies make it a point to boost a company’s trust and credibility by ensuring actions that can better any company’s reputation online, thus increasing, brand reputation. All this also leads to boosted sales and revenue for any business. Therefore, interacting with customers and managing online client relations is the key to more sales and revenue. The benefits of Online reputation management services are hence, holistic in nature, and reputation management strategy is, therefore, a necessity in today’s time for every business.

5. People’s Opinions Are Bought To The Front

With a two-way exchange online, a business can also know what people think about them. With vital information and reviews visible on the web, businesses can learn what customers think about their products, services, or overall, as a brand or as an organization. Gaining feedback from both good and bad experiences from customers is what services in ORM packages focus on.

Hence, ORM services package a business as a brand that is constantly learning and evolving from the feedback they’re receiving on a review site or any social platform. Finally, it’s about displaying the positive intent of a business.

What Are Some Easy Steps Included In ORM Packages For Brand Building?

Some measures digital marketing agencies undertake for brand building are as follows:

  1. Most digital marketing agencies that offer online reputation management services, try to keep things simple and start with a simple Google search. They try and understand what customers are saying about a business on the web. A general focus is laid on the feel, comments, reviews, and who is directing the conversation. Are there too many negative reviews or false information spreading about a business on the web or social profiles? Remember, a single negative review is enough to damage a company’s reputation permanently. Therefore, ORM companies try and tackle such issues with effective online reputation management strategies by monitoring and scanning a company’s profiles on the web.
  2. ORM packages ensure the creation and sharing of regular content with content marketing. It’s easy to put out a message and let the world know about a business’s products or services. With content, it’s convenient to start conversations, navigate online perception of a business and undertake effective reputation repair simultaneously.
  3. Online internet marketing companies also use online listening tools which helps them keep track of any activity regarding a business. Sometimes, every business does not get brand mentions on popular platforms. Hence, a review or online post could tarnish a business’s reputation with them knowing a little too late. For reputation monitoring, ORM packages often include tools that help with monitoring a business’s mentions on the web. A positive review or remotely negative, anything can be tracked and acted upon at the moment. Hence, for a positive reputation, a business must invest in listening tools.
  4. Lastly, digital marketing companies help a business manage their overall negative reception, negative comment, or poor customer experience. If a negative autocomplete gets associated with a business, an internet marketing company can help change or reverse the situation. Any content that could be hurting a company’s reputation can be managed with exceptional online reputation management services. Not just the company but protection of employee reputation is just as important. In all these services, an ORM package can hence, come in handy and can manage public relations appropriately.


To sum up, businesses need to manage their online reputation. For any professional assistance, businesses can get an ORM package from a reputed digital marketing agency. This would assist them in achieving a better brand reputation and overpowering bad reputation with simple yet professional measures allowing a business, opportunities, to do more business leading to an increase in sales and revenue.

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Mobile Ecommerce: Facts, Trends & Statistics You Should Know /blog/mobile-ecommerce-facts-trends-statistics/ /blog/mobile-ecommerce-facts-trends-statistics/#respond Mon, 14 Mar 2022 12:08:46 +0000 /blog/?p=12594 Mobile usage has exploded in recent years, and this has had a significant impact on our daily lives. Every activity has changed dramatically, from the way we socialize to, especially, the way we purchase. Smartphones are now ubiquitous, and they are necessary when shopping. Mobile phones are our go-to device for comparing pricing, reading reviews, […]

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Mobile usage has exploded in recent years, and this has had a significant impact on our daily lives. Every activity has changed dramatically, from the way we socialize to, especially, the way we purchase. Smartphones are now ubiquitous, and they are necessary when shopping. Mobile phones are our go-to device for comparing pricing, reading reviews, purchasing an item, or finding a location. As a result, mobile phones play an important role in our shopping habits.

In this regard, the blog will cover the most recent information, figures, and trends in mobile e-commerce that you should be aware of. This should give you a good understanding of where mobile e-commerce is right now and where it’s headed in the coming years.

Mobile E-Commerce Trends And Statistics To Be Aware Of

Sources Section     https://www.nationmaster.com/ecommerce https://www.pewresearch.org/internet/2016/12/19/online-shopping-and-e-commerce/ https://multichannelmerchant.com/blog/top-8-mobile-shopping-problems/ http://www.ragtrader.com.au/news/this-makes-77-of-customers-impulse-buy-on-mobile https://deviceatlas.com/ https://www.flurry.com/blog/the-rise-of-the-app-mortar-economy/ https://www.oberlo.com/statistics/mobile-commerce-sales https://www.businessinsider.in/finance/news/rise-of-m-commerce-mobile-ecommerce-shopping-stats-trends-in-2020/articleshow/72860972.cms https://www.statista.com/statistics/239247/global-online-shopping-order-values-by-device/ https://www.littledata.io/average/mobile-ecommerce-conversion-rate

In recent, there are several mobile e-commerce trends one should know about. Here are some of the major trends and statistics which are stated below are:

  • As per estimations, from 2021, the number of E-commerce consumers will rise by 10% from 3.8 billion.
  • In 2021, retail e-commerce sales saw a 27.5% boost in comparison to 2020.
  • In recent times, the number of mobile E-commerce purchases in the US have increased from 2% to 8%.
  • By comparison, the percentage of online visits to online retailers increased twofold from a mobile device from the year 2020 to 2021. Whereas in comparison, the PC percentile saw a drop from 96% to 90% for 2020 and 2021.
  • 84% of households own a smartphone in the US.

Here are the reasons why people prefer shopping online in numbers:-

  1. 73% of individuals feel that it’s time-saving.
  2. 69% feel it’s easy to find good deals as well as they find it handy to do everything on the go when using mobile for shopping.
  3. 63% find it convenient while multi-tasking, whereas 55% find the online shopping experience better than offline shopping.
  • An average order value in the US is 85 USD on a smartphone in the year 2020.
  • The average conversion rate is 1.0% as of March 2022.
  • Approximately 74% of online retailers have either developed or are developing a mobile strategy, whereas, 48% already have a mobile-optimized website.

What Is Mobile E-commerce All About?

Mobile E-commerce is all about searching for products and placing orders in online stores with the help of mobile devices. Apart from shopping, one can use mobiles for online banking, using apps of different types, and lots more.

However, the thing is while shopping from a phone, push notifications, single-click checkouts, different payment options make the online shopping experience smooth. Because of such ease, customers tend to repeat orders.

With a mobile app, when a business offers free shipping, economical product pricing, lucrative deals, it has the chance of getting viral.

Why Mobile E-commerce Is Necessary For An Online Selling Business?

The reasons why mobile e-commerce may be required for an online business are:

1. Customized User Experience

A user-friendly and robust mobile app can offer a seamless and personalized user experience. To acquire target customers, apps even offer push notifications, social media integration, and more to create a smooth user experience that feels more personalized rather than generalized.

2. Increased Revenue

Mobile e-commerce sales are on a continuous rise and especially, during the pandemic, they skyrocketed. Individuals find it easy to search the item they require plus shopping on mobile e-commerce apps makes it smooth to shop for any individual.

A convenient ordering process, fast checkout, and an overall easy to interact interface allow any online selling business to boost revenues that can meet customer demands in a moment.

3. Clear Market Analytics

Analytics is a useful way to learn about buyers’ behavior and patterns. E-commerce companies can use digital analytics data and drive their mobile campaigns based on it. This way companies can offer personalized offers catering just to a specific individual. This vastly increases the chances of conversions, which leads to boosted sales and revenue.

4. Advanced Marketing Chances

With the help of mobile e-commerce, it’s possible to directly communicate with the target customers. You can even integrate offers with social media platforms. All in all, it’s easy to promote products, advertise the brand consistently, persuade individuals to share opinions, post comments or like, and more. Hence, it vastly improves other branding or marketing opportunities.

 However, with all the advantages there are certain problems that individuals face while mobile shopping. Overcoming these can prove to be helpful for any business. Some standard problems faced while shopping with mobile are:

  • Required to enlarge the screen to click.
  • Cumbersome check-out process.
  • Lacking product information.
  • The texts are small.
  • Limited functionality on mobile.
  • Increased loading time.

Some More E-Commerce Facts To Gaze At

  • The number of mobile shoppers are expected to rise to 187 million by 2024.
  • Approximately 80% of shoppers use mobile phones to check reviews, compare prices, and locate other locations.
  • In e-commerce, the share of m-commerce has increased to 9%.
  • North America and Europe are expected to be the top countries in the m-commerce between 2020 and 2024.
  • By 2024, voice sales can generate $7.4 trillion in revenues.
  • 54% of users search for new products and services with the help of social media.
  • 55% of customers have made a purchase online after finding the product on social media.

Mobile E-Commerce Trends That Are Popular Right Now

There are some trends in the industry that an individual should be aware of some of which are discussed below:

1. Voice Search

Voice search has become the norm in modern search as individuals don’t like typing the search query. Therefore, a business should focus on incorporating voice search as it makes the online shopping experience smooth for a user. It’s possible with voice search to easily complete the shopping process. You can search for products, add them to a cart, make orders, and track them as well. Therefore, it’s paramount to optimize the mobile app for voice searches and any business should be thoroughly invested in providing this feature to its customers.

2. Single-Click Order

With single-click orders, customers don’t have to enter profile details again and again. The customer profile gets saved in the data. Default shipping address and payments modes are also selected and saved. The trend is also likely to stay as it allows a user to save time as repeatedly asking basic informational questions from users tends to infuriate them. They usually leave because of the slow, and tiring process. With single click orders, the operations become smooth and an e-commerce app can function at its optimum.

3. AI-Powered Chatbots

With AI-powered chatbots, any business can give quality customer support to consumers without spending much. Chatbots can reply 24/7 to fix customer queries, assist them with anything, and more. A chatbot makes it easy for the customer to chat with the business. Chatbots can communicate just like humans and can offer customers a personalized experience.

Even more, a highly competent chatbot can help customers choose a product, order them, re-order and even know the delivery time by chatting.

4. Progressive Web Apps(PWA)

With the help of a PWA, the users can install a website and use it as an app. These apps function like native apps and therefore, occupy less space on the device. The benefits of such an app include push notifications, quick loading time, offline access, instant updates, and more which helps a user receive a personalized and quick shopping experience.

The app can be installed from the web browser and the users can access it with the help of smart phone’s home screen. Therefore, with this, a website works like an app making it easy for customers to place an order, and track it. Therefore, by adding the best features to an e-commerce app one can easily get more customers and gain profits.

5. Augmented Reality(AR)

AR is not just about games anymore. The experience is now expanding to other life adventures as well. An online store owner can provide users an interactive experience, and display their products with ease with help of AR. Therefore, with the help of mobile phones, users can try a product before buying anything. With this special feature, a customer can see if an item suits them before purchasing it.

For instance, an eyewear shop can aid customers to try a variety of glasses without visiting the physical store. Thus, giving user-centric experiences helps an e-commerce business to expand and increase its revenue by employing AR on its e-commerce app.


These statistics and facts point to the fact that mobile e-commerce is on a rise and will continue to grow. Every e-commerce business needs to meet customers’ expectations. Hence, every e-commerce business needs to include the trends that are mentioned in this blog. Mobile e-commerce is the dawn of a new shopping era, and every e-commerce business should jump onto it, or else they are missing out on valuable conversions, and sales.

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Unlock The Key To SEO Success With This Practical Guide /blog/key-to-seo-success-with-practical-guide/ /blog/key-to-seo-success-with-practical-guide/#respond Mon, 07 Mar 2022 12:46:03 +0000 /blog/?p=12586 Everyone knows what SEO is all about and the benefits that come with it. However, only a few individuals know how to navigate SEO in the direction of success. By the definition of success, SEO helps businesses achieve better visibility, rankings, and targeted traffic on their website. SEO is the organic, internet marketing that can […]

The post Unlock The Key To SEO Success With This Practical Guide appeared first on EZ Rankings.

Key To SEO Success

Everyone knows what SEO is all about and the benefits that come with it. However, only a few individuals know how to navigate SEO in the direction of success. By the definition of success, SEO helps businesses achieve better visibility, rankings, and targeted traffic on their website. SEO is the organic, internet marketing that can help a business achieve the mentioned benefits. An SEO company in India can help businesses market themselves or they can set up their in-house SEO department. Either way, SEO works.

This blog will serve as a guide to optimize your SEO strategy. So, if you’re a business wanting to integrate or better its SEO strategy or you are simply a student learning about SEO, then this will prove to be the perfect read for you.

The Steps You Can Take For An Optimized SEO Strategy

An effective SEO allows businesses to appear in specific searches associated with their domain. Whenever an individual conducts an online search, the business starts appearing in search results, if relevant. This is only possible with the correct placement of the SEO strategy. Sometimes if a digital marketing agency cannot do these tasks themselves for businesses they outsource it to a premium SEO Reseller. Either way, SEO is essential for businesses and they should get it done whether themselves or from a digital marketing agency.

With this, some of the tips you can follow to execute excellent SEO  are:

1. Quality Content

Any SEO success starts with high-quality content. A website needs to have premium, user intent content to rank well. Any website providing value to the user and promoting their services, or products with legal, or logical web methods, gets all the search benefits from Google.

Original, fresh content is the need of the hour, and Google promotes websites with this trait. Duplicate content is often penalized and great content consists of various subheadings where the content gets divided.

Also, the content should meet Google’s EAT criteria that include: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. The search engine rewards websites meeting all these crucial factors.

2. Niche-Specific Keywords

 Content should always include target keywords. Keywords are search terms or phrases that a person enters while searching. The more relevant, and targeted keywords are for a business, the more the traffic gets generated on a website.

With the correct keywords, targeted leads and traffic gets navigated, thus, increasing sales and revenue. Not just primary keywords, but secondary keywords or LSI should be included as it allows a website to cater to a wider audience. Secondary keywords are terms related to the primary keywords. Including both of these terms in content can certainly allow Google to push the rankings of your web pages for better rankings. Including keywords, therefore, leads to increased visibility which translates to increased website authority and traffic. In fact not just the content but various sections of the website should contain domain specific keywords.

One can use keyword research tools such as SEMrush, or Google Keyword Planner to select appropriate keywords.

3. On-Page SEO

It’s okay if the content is informative, however, it’s of no use if it’s not optimized for the search engines. That’s where On-Page SEO comes in place. Implementing On-Page SEO optimization should involve:

  • Content that’s well structured and easy to read.
  • The content should include primary and 3-4 secondary keywords.
  • The title tag, H1, and meta description should include the primary keyword.
  • The primary keyword should also be part of the URL.
  • One image with alt text, image name including the keyword.
  • Links play a vital part in On-Page SEO. The content should include internal and external links alongside anchor texts that allow a user to conveniently navigate the content. This increases page user experience and thus boosts SEO.

4. Easy Crawling

If Google can’t access your website, all your efforts are a waste. Crawling ensures that search engines can easily find a website on the world wide web. It is the process through which Google finds a new website. Google Search Console shows how many pages are crawled for a website.

A site’s structure or design should be well in place to be crawled by the search bots, spiders, or crawlers of Google. Giving access to Google bots is, therefore, necessary. A robots.txt file in the website’s root directory can help manage crawling instructions for the Google bot. As a matter of fact, Google Search Console can itself help a website generate a robots.txt file.

5. Potent Backlinks

What other websites in your niche think about you also tells a lot about your business to Google. For example, having backlinks on other high DA websites indicates a ton to Google about your business. Backlinks are simply, links that link back to your website. This indicates to Google that not just the business themselves but even other businesses  or websites think positively about your business. No business is naive to link back to a business until they’ve done or achieved something worthy.

These backlinks, especially from high authority websites increase your rankings naturally since it exhibits your dominance or authority in the market.

Therefore, creating and sharing useful content is the key. Infographics submission, press release, guest posts, are some of the ways to gain high-quality backlinks that boost your authority in no time.

6. Schema Markup

Schema Markup indicates to Google how the page should be interpreted and classified. It tells Google the contents of the page that whether it’s a tutorial or a chapter. Hence, these structures should be location-specific, complete, and relevant.

Schema.org provides an easy way to create such structured data. You can visit the website to create and understand more about schema markup.

7. Mobile- Friendliness

You should know that the majority of website traffic now comes from mobile. The On-To-Go web browsing attitude of individuals has given a huge increase to mobile usage, therefore, the mobile-friendliness of a website is a SERP factor.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool is a tool that can help any business website measure its mobile-friendliness. A business website needs to be mobile-friendly and desktop friendly. Not having a mobile-friendly website can lower traffic, and conversions and increase bounce rate.

To boost mobile-friendliness, it’s important to have a responsive web design. Blocking any ads or unnecessary pop-ups is also important for a brilliant page user experience, especially on mobile. Also, keep the design simple as a complex design on a small screen will hamper the page experience. Larger button sizes and fonts are necessary for individuals to have a great page experience on mobile.

8. Don’t Forget About Local SEO

Local SEO is crucial for small businesses as it allows a business to attain a local audience. This type of SEO helps small businesses to get some customers from nearby. Business listings or citations allow a business to get listed on local business listing websites. Some popular local listing websites are Google Business Profile, Yelp, Manta, and more. Being on these listing websites establishes that a firm or a business is legitimate and hence, provides products or services at a local level.

Having a Google Business Profile, not only allows businesses to appear in local search results but an individual can also access the business on Google Maps. This makes it easier for any individual to find a business, and locate it. On whatever business listing platform you may be, it’s essential to keep the NAP consistent. NAP means Name, Address, and Phone Number of a business. These three pieces of information should be consistent on all platforms.

Google Business Profile, in particular, plays an important role in the success of Local SEO. Having constant activity on this platform has always proven beneficial for local businesses. Therefore, maintenance of local listings is paramount and should be monitored, and updated frequently.

9. Rank For The Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets appear in a box and are displayed at the top of the search result page. Snippets are brief answers to questions often asked by individuals on Google. Therefore, writing sections in your content containing answers to people’s queries can allow your website content to get rank on the Featured Snippet spot.

So, to get a rank on the featured snippet spot you should always write content that answers people’s queries in your niche. However, there are formats you can opt for to get a rank on the featured snippet spot. Paragraphs, lists, tables, and videos are popular formats chosen for the featured snippet. So, make sure to include them in your writing.

Before that make sure to follow the above steps and get a rank within the top 10. That’s because featured snippets are chosen from the first top 10 ranks and its chances increase even more if the content is already ranking within the top 5. Hence, writing user intent content with proper formatting is the key to featured snippet success which will take you straight to the top.

10. Holistic User Friendliness

In user-friendliness, all aspects of the website are considered. It can involve content, the design of a website, page load speed, navigation, and more. Therefore, user-friendliness is a combination of various factors and all of them have to be optimized to provide the user with a smooth experience and boosted user-friendliness.

At the end of the day, Google only pushes those websites that provide individuals with a great user experience alongside providing relevant content. So, focusing on important experience parameters can genuinely help you succeed in your SEO efforts.


With an optimized SEO strategy, one can see the results within a period. Follow all the tips mentioned in this blog, to get the best results out of your SEO efforts. Dive deep into these tactics and you shall start seeing the results of your SEO efforts in some time.

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